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Song Dynasty Town

Song Dynasty Town which situates in the Zhijiang District of Hangzhou is a famous scenic spot, a renowned park themed on Song Dynasty. The park is a beautiful place, as well as a window shows the culture of Song Dynasty in ancient China.


Why the Song Dynasty Town is special


In the Song Dynasty Town, visitors could experience the unique charm of Song Dynasty, find the dignity and power of the Imperial City, and feel the charm of the city.


Song Dynasty Town highlights


Song Jie (Song Street)


When you step into the garden, the first sight is Song Jie (Song Street), which boasts the ancient architecture. In this street, kinsman of the emperor, and ordinary people, all wear the traditional costumes of Song Dynasty. Go along the street, you may firstly find a crowd with a puppet show in the center. The puppet controlled in an old grandfather behaves like a real person, very interesting! If you think the puppet show is not enough to taste the old Chinese ambience, just continue and as long as you go deeper and further of the street, there will be a lot more of theatrical performances including the puppet, shadow play, singing, drama, and live music.


Fantastic Show: Romance of the Song Dynasty


In the Song Dynasty Town, you could also enjoy a performance named the Romance of the Song Dynasty. It is a large stereoscopic musical drama which adopts the old stories and legends in Hangzhou City, integrated the world music with acrobatic art, and applied the high technology to create a dreamy poetic imagery. Based on the historic stories and legends in the city of Hangzhou, the Romance of the Song Dynasty, together with Moulin in Paris of France and O Show in Las Vegas, are World’s Top Three Famous Shows. Every year, 2.2 million tourists from other parts of China or abroad come in flocks to enjoy the show.

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