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Xixi National Wetland Park

Why is the Xixi National Wetland Park special?

Xixi National Wetland Park, the first and so far the only National Wetland Park in China, features abundant ecological resources, beautiful natural scenes and a rich cultural heritage dating back many millennia.

Xixi National Wetland Park Highlights

The extensive ecological area includes thousands of ponds, a large network of streams and rivers, and extensive reed beds providing rich examples of urban wetland. Warm and humid, the area enjoys a comfortable climate featuring abundant precipitation and four distinct seasons.


Three Causeways
As the main roads in the park, the three causeways are Causeway Fu, Lu and Shou, as in Chinese, the three words fu, lu and shou carry the meaning of fortune, prosperity and longevity. They stretch through the park with crisscrossing waterways and ancient trees form an ecological landscape.


Aesthetic Features of Xixi
Experts claim Xixi has four distinct aesthetic features: coldness, wildness, simplicity and elegance. Coldness suggests quietude as it is a tranquil place in a noisy city; wildness connotes nature as this is a pure land in human society; simplicity means plainness or the philosophy of 'back to nature' and elegance relates to the gathering of literary figures and artists.


Thanks to its picturesque waterways and rural landscapes, Xixi has always been an ideal location for artists and writers to produce poems, calligraphy, paintings and epigraphy.


Dragon Boat Contest
In 2008, the dragon boat contest was included in the extended catalog of the first group of national intangible cultural heritage as a component of traditional Dragon Boat Festival. Here tourists can watch the dragon boat contest and experience the 5,000 year old dragon boat culture through the exhibition.

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