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Hangzhou Travel Overview

Hangzhou, one of the seven famous ancient capital cities in China, is a major tourist destination that combines ancient civilization with magnificent scenery. Marco Polo once praised Hangzhou as the most beautiful and splendid city in the world. It is really a "paradise on earth" called by Chinese. The most famous attraction is the West Lake because the lake is prodigally endowed with a picturesque landscape. It gathers enormous pavilions, bridges, towers, terraces and pagodas. All man-made scenes and sights are set in natural and harmonious layout around the curves of the mountains and waterfront and surrounded with trees, flowers and treasure plants.


Chinese people believe it is a place belonging to the cultural people only. It is really a place where you would like to live or frequently pay a visit with deep feelings. The picturesque place, regarded more than a beauty, is as a touching painting that is able to absorb your feelings away into the picture as thawing together insensibly. Many Chinese scholars, successful in cultural literary approaching, were amused by the soft charm of the lakes and mountains and then were regressed into the Buddhism or Daoism here. So the temples here are named “soul is concealed to be dormant”, “characters could be led to vacancy”. That causes the heart, soul and feeling to drop off here by the unimaginable pretty landscapes.

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