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Mausoleum of General Yue Fei

Why is the Mausoleum of General Yue Fei special?

The Mausoleum of General Yue Fei is one of Hangzhou’s most popular attractions among Chinese tourists, who view Yue as a patriotic hero.


Mausoleum of General Yue Fei Highlights

General Yue Fei (1103-42), commander of the southern Song armies, is a fabled figure in literature, opera and movies. During the 12th century, the general led a series of successful battles against Jurchen invaders from the north.

Shrine of Remembrance
The Shrine of Remembrance, the main hall, is right in the center. A sculpture of general Yue is set in the middle of the hall. He is in a colorful embroidered round cushion cover. Looking solemn and mighty, he has a sword in his hand and looks as if he is ready to protect his country.

Over the sculpture is tablet in the original handwriting of Yue Fei, which states returning our territory and keeping it integrated. At the back of the hall are large pictures depicting Yue Fei's life stories. On the floor of the hall is a picture depicting 373 cranes. These cranes are the symbols of his integrity and faithful mind.

Yue Fei’s tomb
Yue Fei's tomb is close to the Temple, with Civil and military figures, stone horses, stone tigers and stone sheep standing along the tomb passage. There are also statues of Qin Gui, Zhang Jun, Wang Si and Wan Siguo, who caused him his death, kneeling down in front of the tomb.Concerning these sculptures, people wanted them to atone for their crime forever.

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