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South Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum

Why is South Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum Special?

China is a country with a rich tradition of pottery and porcelain. The history of pottery can be traced back to 8,000 years, while porcelain in China has a history of over 2,000 years. During the Song Dynasty (960-1279), this culture came to a climax. A variety of chinaware appeared. Particular representative of that time are the products of the official kiln (Guan Yao in Chinese). Guan Yao produces high-class chinaware for royalty -- either for daily use or decoration.  

South Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum Highlight

South Song Dynasty Official Kiln is an imperial avenue and another important historical site if we have time to go for a visit at the suburb of Hangzhou. Song Kiln was only for imperial court and to produce the porcelain according to Emperors’ favorite taste in perfect design and quality, only very few remains are collected by world’s top museums. All are regarded as world’s best and priceless treasures, even its broken pieces are treasures too. Song Kiln is one of major four Imperial Kilns in China. Because it was spectacular for Imperial Court only, the production was very limited.

The museum consists of two parts: the exhibition area and the official kiln relic. There are three rooms in the exhibition area. In the first exhibition room, many delicate chinaware treasures of past dynasties unearthed in Hangzhou are on display. In the second room, one can study the history of China's ceramics as well as the social, political and economic base and development after the establishment of official kilns in Southern Song Dynasty. And in the third one, visitors can see the fruits of research on the ancient porcelain of China and the products in imitation of the famous products of kilns made by modern technology. Now, over 8,000 restored chinaware samples dug up from the site are on display in the exhibition area.
In the Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum, there is a pottery bar with a unique style. Visitors can see for themselves how pottery was made long ago. They can also have the experience of making their own pottery, and so enter into the hardship and exhilaration that must have been the lot of people in ancient times.

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