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Qiandao Lake

Why is the Qiandao Lake special?

Qiandao Lake is currently the largest forest park in China. It has been awarded many titles and received favorable comments from tourists both at home and abroad. Qiandao means thousands of islands and it is a beautiful lake with 1078 islets showing different views in different seasons.


Qiandao Lake Highlights

With 81% of the area covered in forests, Qiandao Lake is a rich lake abounding with fish and surrounded by trees, tea, mulberry (the food of the silkworm) and other fruit trees. Qiandao Lake is also a delightful lake with many activities including enjoying the natural scenery and local culture, observing wild animals and taking part in many exciting activities.

When tourists enjoy China Travel in Zhejiang, travelers will find every island in Qiandao Lake has its own characteristics and the spectacular scenery, especially the unusual Karst topography.

Central Lake District
In Central Lake District, there are Qiandao Lake Fishing Village, Meifeng Island, and Wulong Scenic Area. On Meifeng Island, you can command views from a great height, experience grass-skiing, and boat down the water. Wulong Scenic Area is made up of Lock Island, Bird Island, Zhenqu Garden and Qishi Island connected by several bridges.

Phoenix Island
Phoenix Island is the largest one among the islands in Qiandao Lake and the origin of the name Phoenix Island can be attributed to the similar shape of a phoenix. The Phoenix Resort is always the ideal choice of stay when tourists visit Qiandao Lake.

Lock Island
Lock Island is a world of locks, including happiness lock, wisdom lock, health lock and carp lock. The first Lock Museum in China was built here housing Safety Lock, the biggest lock in Guinness World Records.

Animal Interest Section
In the Animal Interest Section, peacocks, snakes, monkeys and ostriches can be seen. You can enjoy yourself by watching the animals performing, feeding them, playing with them and taking photos of them.

The best time to visit Qiandao Lake is in autumn and winter, when there is less rainfall. Fine weather, cool and fresh air and clear water are really enjoyable. Do sample the distinctively cooked seafood and some local food here. Take home souvenirs like inkstones, hemp embroideries and products made of pearls.

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