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Changsha Travel Overview

Changsha, located in the northeast of Hunan Province, is its provincial capital as well as a well-known ancient city with a history of 3,500 years. It used to be a place of strategic importance of the state of Chu, a famous prefecture of the Qin Dynasty (221 – 207 B.C.), and the capital of the early Han Dynasty (206 B. C. – A.D. 220). Now Changsha is an important place gathering historical and cultural relics of Hunan Province.

Changsha is a multi-ethnic city. Fifty-three ethnic minority groups are repres...
  • How to Arrange Your Changsha Trip
  • Changsha Travel Season Tips
    The weather in Changsha belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. The distinctions between its seasons are not very clear. Changsha’s spring is wet along with changeable temperature; summer and autumn have many sunny days but summer is quite hot; win...
  • Transportation in Changsha Travel
    Air Sitting 24.2 kilometers east to Changsha city, Changsha Huanghua International Airport was built in 1986 and was put into operation in 1989. It has become the largest airport in Hunan Province and target="_blank" title="China">China Southern Air...
  • Changsha Food
    Hunan Cuisine, also known as ' Xiang' Cuisine, is renowned as target="_blank" title="China">China and the U.S. alike it still bears his name. The Chairman is said to have loved the braised pork belly fragrant with star anise, ginger, chilies, and ca...
  • Quanzhou Shopping Tips
    Middle Street   Middle Street has a history of more than 100 years. In 2005, Middle Street gained the title of Top 10 Famous Commercial Shopping Streets in China. And in 2008, it won the International Golden Street title. Middle Street is the firs...
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