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Transportation in Changsha Travel


Sitting 24.2 kilometers east to Changsha city, Changsha Huanghua International Airport was built in 1986 and was put into operation in 1989. It has become the largest airport in Hunan Province and one of the major domestic airports in China. The airport provides more than 110 regular flight routes to 81 cities at home and abroad. There are 43 Chinese and foreign airline companies operating in this airport, including China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airline, etc.



Changsha Railway Station

Changsha Railway Station is in the heart of the city. There are direct train connections from many cities or indirect ones using a connecting train.


South Railway Station

South Railway Station was built to serve the bullet trains. Currently, there are over 50 high speed trains departing and stopping at this railway station. The train only takes about 1.5 hours running to Wuhan, 2-2.5 hours to Guangzhou, 5-6 hours to Shanghai, and 6-7 hours to Beijing.


Long-distance Bus

Changsha is the hub of three inter-province freeways including No.107 Freeway (Beijing–Shenzhen), No.391 Freeway (Chengdu–Xiamen) and No.106 Freeway. A well-developed highway network connects the city with many major destinations in China and buses leaving from the three major long-distance bus stations in the city serve most of the eastern part of the country.


East Bus Station

Address: No. 1507, Yuanda First Road

Destinations: Hefei, Nanchang, Xiamen, Nanjing and neighboring cities in Hunan Province


South Bus Station

Address: No.811, Zhongyi First Road

Destinations: Guilin, Xiamen, Nanjing and neighboring cities in Hunan Province


West Bus Station

Address: No. 1619, 1st Section, West Second Ring, Yuelu District

Destinations: neighboring cities in Hubei and Hunan provinces




The meters of taxi start at ¥8. Each taxi company is slightly different. Night is more expensive than day. It is always easiest if you have the address you want to go to written in Chinese.

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