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Changsha Travel Season Tips

The weather in Changsha belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. The distinctions between its seasons are not very clear. Changsha’s spring is wet along with changeable temperature; summer and autumn have many sunny days but summer is quite hot; winter is short along with many rainy days. Except for summer’s high temperature and humid weather, spring, autumn and winter are all best time to visit Changsha.


Spring lasts from March to May in Changsha, with the temperature ranging from 7.78 ºC to 26.11 ºC. There is sufficient rainfall during this season. Rainy days last for 52.8 days, accounting for 35% of the total during the whole year. Besides, due to the changeable weather, it’s advisable for tourists to bring some thick coats with them.


Summer comes around the later May with high heat and heavy humidity. The sweltering climate of July and August is particularly stifling. Summer lasts relatively long in Changsha, from June to September. The hottest days fall in July and August, with the temperature ranging from 25 ºC to 38 ºC. It’s relatively burning hot in summer period. Thus, it’s quite afflictive for people to stay outside the house in summer. Sometimes, it suddenly rains cats and dogs, especially in the afternoon. For packing, sun cream, sunglasses and umbrellas are necessary.


Autumn can be ranked as the best period for visiting Changsha when the weather is the most comfortable and there are breathtaking red autumn leaves all over Mt. Yuelu. It’s also the best period for traveling Orange Island. The temperature ranges from 9 ºC to 23ºC in October and from 8 ºC to 17 ºC in November. In October, it begins to become cool, however, there are still a few hot days remaining. In November, it becomes even cold and tourists need to bring warm clothes, such as sweaters.


Changsha's winter comes around November bringing little sunlight and heavy fogs. Although it is reported that the average temperature in winter is about five degrees, the winter weather in Changsha can be severely cold as those in the northern China cities due to the great humidity carried by the river winds from Xiangjiang River. Like Wuhan, Changsha has no heaters so we suggest travelers to bring cotton and packed clothes, gloves and scarves for the windy days. Most of the rest days in a year are misty and cloudy.


One thing a traveler should bear in mind is that Changsha weather changes greatly during the transition period between spring and summer or summer and autumn. An unexpected summer rainstorm could arrive suddenly on a sunny day, so make sure to bring an umbrella with you. The long rain period starts in October and lasts for one or two months, therefore one should plan indoor tourist activities during the latter part of a year.

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