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Shenyang Attractions

  • International Horticultural Expo Garden

    International Horticultural Expo Garden

    Built for China's International Horticultural Exposition in 2006, the Expo Garden is now a permanent site on Shenyang landscape. The immaculate gardens and natural areas provide an escape from the industrial city center. Calm ponds and interactive obstacle courses mean that the Expo Garden has some... Read more>>
  • Zhongshan Square

    Zhongshan Square

    Zhongshan Square is the place where the cheerfulness of the Chinese life can be witnessed and experienced from close quarters. It is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Nanjing Street, served as the primary attraction of downtown Shenyang. The square was first built in 1913 but since ... Read more>>
  • Marshal Zhang's Mansion

    Marshal Zhang's Mansion

    Marshal Zhang Mansion, the former residence of Zhang Xueliang, is a courtyard with three brick-and-wood-structured buildings and each western-style building has three-stories. It has been turned into the Xi'an Incident Memorial Hall today, the historical relic under the national protection. In 1988... Read more>>
  • Zhao Mausoleum

    Zhao Mausoleum

    Zhao Mausoleum is also called the North Mausoleum, the tomb of the second emperor in Qing dynasty, Abahai , and his empress. The Zhao Mausoleum has a history of 350 years, and the construction began in 1643 and ended in 1651. The Zhao Mausoleum combines both Manchu and Han architectural characteris... Read more>>
  • Shenyang Imperial Palace

    Shenyang Imperial Palace

    Shenyang Imperial Palace is the target="_blank" title="China">China except the Forbidden City, and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main structure of the palace was built in 1625 when Nurhachi was in power. It was finished in 1636 by his son Abahai (Huangtaiji). Nurhachi and Abahai were both... Read more>>
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