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Shenyang Travel Season Tips

Shenyang, located in the south of Northeast China, enjoys temperate semi-humid continental climate, with the annual average temperature of 8.3℃. As it’s deeply affected by the monsoon, Shenyang has four distinct seasons. The hottest month is July, with the monthly average temperature of 24℃, and the coldest month is January, with the average temperature of -8.5℃.


Shenyang has short spring and autumn, between which there is large temperature difference. Rains occur in the transition season between spring and summer, and between summer and autumn. Shenyang’s annual average precipitation amounts to 734 mm. Spring lasts from April to May, which is very short with relatively comfortable weather condition. Summer lasts from June to August, which is very hot. Autumn lasts from September to October, which is cool. Winter lasts from November to the following March, which is quite chilly and there is snowfall.


In spring and autumn, people wear jackets and light sweaters. In summer, rain coats are necessary because of the rain. In winter, it’s very chilly, so warm clothes are needed, such as down jackets, cotton-padded jackets and cotton-padded jackets.


Best Time to Travel:


The best time to visit Shenyang is from April to October, which is neither cold nor hot, and the weather is fine with sufficient sunshine. Visitors who love skiing and snow activities can come to Shenyang in winter, and it’s a good opportunity for them to enjoy skiing in those ski resorts. January and February are the best periods for viewing ice and snow landscape and enjoy the folk festivals. However, make sure to bring very warm clothes, such as down jackets, while traveling to Shenyang in winter.

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