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Shenyang Travel Overview

Shenyang, the capital of the Liaoning Province, is an industrial center and transportation hub of Northeast China and is the largest political, economic, and cultural center of Northeast China. Rich resources of coal, iron and nonferrous ore throughout Liaoning Province make Shenyang target="_blank" title="Beijing">Beijing in 1644 and established the Qing dynasty in Beijing, Mukden became its secondary capital which remained for 350 years.
  • How to Arrange Your Shenyang Trip
  • Shenyang Travel Season Tips
    Shenyang, located in the south of Northeast China, enjoys temperate semi-humid continental climate, with the annual average temperature of 8.3℃. As it’s deeply affected by the monsoon, Shenyang has four distinct seasons. The hottest month is July,...
  • Transportation in Shenyang Travel
    Located in the Northeast China, Shenyang is the biggest transport hub in this area. Shenyang provides passengers with convenient and fast transport services. The modern transport system in Shenyang consists of aviation, railways and highways, etc. ...
  • Shenyang Food
    Shenyang has classic northeastern Chinese cuisine. Traditional meals in the region are: suan cai (also called Chinese sauerkraut), stewed chicken and mushroom, and meat pie. Korean food, such as rice cake and cold noodle, is a part of Shenyangers’ ...
  • Shenyang Shopping Tips
    Middle Street   Middle Street has a history of more than 100 years. In 2005, Middle Street gained the title of Top 10 Famous Commercial Shopping Streets in China. And in 2008, it won the International Golden Street title. Middle Street is the firs...
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