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Five Pagoda Temple

Five Pagoda Temple (Hohhot) is a famous Buddhist temple in the city of Hohhot of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northwestern China. It is located in the old city of Hohhot. The temple was initially constructed from 1727 AD and ended at 1732 AD. Five Pagoda Temple stands 16 meters in height, and the main temple complex consists of three parts: the base, the seat and the top (five dagobas).


Why Five Pagoda Temple is special


Five-Pagoda Temple is reputed as the "Precious Pagoda of the Buddhist Relics of the Diamond Throne" The Pagoda owning a long history and great aesthetic value is regarded as a treasure by local people of Hohhot City. Five Pagoda Temple features stylish architecture and precious stone carvings and statues. The Mongolian Astronomical Map of great importance to scientific research is the only one labeled in Mongolian so far in the world.


Five Pagoda Temple highlights


Stylish architectural structure


Compared with other pagodas, the architectural design of the Five Pagoda Temple is of great fame among Buddhist temples in China. There are five small dagobas on the pedestal of the site, the short eaves and tops of pagodas are covered by green and yellow glaze.


Precious stone carvings


The inscriptions of Diamond Sutra written in Mongolian, Tibetan and Sanskrit restored in the lower part of the pagoda houses count for great value of exploring history and culture of ancient Inner Mongolia Region. The upper part stand several gold-plated statues of Buddha, each one slightly differs from others in the expression and posture.

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