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Hohhot Shopping Tips

What to buy


Inner Mongolian carpet

Made of high quality local wool, Inner Mongolia Carpet is dyed by chemical and plant pigments, and hand woven. The Inner Mongolia Carpet has fine work, strong elasticity, soft handle, natural color and durable service. The main categories include natural-colored, archaized, Han Dynasty, and artistic tapestry. In addition, there are various cushions.


Mongolian knife

Mongolian knife is a necessity which can be found in Mongolia. If a man doesn’t bring a knife with him, others will look at him as a stranger. The blade is made of steel while the handle is made of ox horn and red wood. It is worth collecting a Mongolian knife if you are interested in knives. However, before you purchase any knife, consult with your airline as to whether knife is allowed packed in your luggage.


Inner Mongolian Cheese

In Hohhot, you can eat cheese made by the local people. Cheese is the traditional food in Inner Mongolia. Cheese is also called “Milk Tofu" in the Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolian Cheese is made by milk. The milk is dried under the sun on the top of yurts. The taste of the Inner Mongolian Cheese is fragrant with milk, and with a little sourness. The guarantee period is short, so you should eat it up in time.



Where to buy


Xinshiji Plaza

Xinshiji Plaza is combined of a central plaza and building groups of the plaza, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. With the total height of 73.3 meters, there are 17 floors in the plaza. There is a music fountain in the center of the plaza. The 21 meters water column symbolizes the 21st century.

Address: No. 48 Xincheng West Street, Xincheng District


Tianyuan Shopping Mall

Early in 1994, Tianyuan Shopping Mall was built in Hohhot. More than ten years has passed now, Tianyuan Shopping Mall is becoming more and more developed. The total business area is 18,000 square meters. The modern style of the building is very outstanding. Tianyuan Shopping Mall mainly sells famous watches and glasses in various grades. Almost all of the products are imports.

Address: No. 98 Zhongshan West Road, Hui District

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