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Hohhot Travel Overview

Hohhot is the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The city is located between the Yinshan Mountain and the Yellow River. Hohhot covers an area of 17224 square kilometers, inhabited by a population of 2.63 million consisting of Han and 36 different ethnic groups, notably Mongolian, Manchu, Hui, and Tibetan.

Hohhot is a famous tourist destination which embodies the beauty of nature and profound ethnic culture since ancient times. Each year thousands of visitors are attracted to Hohhot by ...
  • How to Arrange Your Hohhot Trip
    Recommended attractions a. Must-go attractions Dazhao Temple Five-pagoda Temple The Great Mosque of Hohhot Inner Mongolia Museum Gegentala Grassland Xilituzhao b. Other Attractions Zhaojun Tomb Resonant Sand GorgeHuitengxile Grassland Xila...
  • Hohhot Travel Season Tips
    Hohhot belongs to semi-arid climate with distinct four seasons. The temperature difference in the morning and in the evening is big, so thick clothes are necessary even in summer. Hohhot is also hit by sandstorms in spring. The average annual temper...
  • Transportation in Hohhot Travel
    Airport Hohhot Baita International Airport Hohhot Baita International Airport derives its name from the Ten Thousand Huayan Scriptures Pagoda, target="_blank" title="Nanjing">Nanjing and Ningbo to the southeast, plus international trains to Ulan...
  • Hohhot Food
    Roasted Whole Sheep The highlight of the Hohhot food is Roasted Whole Sheep. Succulent and hearty Mongolians favorite whole roasted lamb is served for some special occasions, such as the arrival of some important guests or wedding ceremonies or etc....
  • Hohhot Shopping Tips
    What to buy Inner Mongolian carpet Made of high quality local wool, Inner Mongolia Carpet is dyed by chemical and plant pigments, and hand woven. The Inner Mongolia Carpet has fine work, strong elasticity, soft handle, natural color and durable se...
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