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Hohhot Food

Roasted Whole Sheep

The highlight of the Hohhot food is Roasted Whole Sheep. Succulent and hearty Mongolians favorite whole roasted lamb is served for some special occasions, such as the arrival of some important guests or wedding ceremonies or etc. You can eat Roasted Whole Sheep in almost every restaurant, but you had better ask the price first. The Roasted Whole Sheep in some restaurants is very expensive, maybe over one thousand Yuan.


Finger Mutton

Another traditional food, which the Mongolian people have liked for thousands of years, is Finger Mutton. People need to use their fingers to take the meat while eating. So this dish is called "finger mutton". In restaurants, finger mutton is served along with special sauce mixed with sesame-seed oil, chili oil, leek and other condiments. It is very delicious.



Generally speaking, Shaomai is a traditional Chinese dumpling. As a very popular local snack, Shaomai has a long history in Hohhot. Visitors to Hohhot always enjoy the taste of it. The standard filling of Shaomai is a combination of thin wrappers, fine raw materials, delicious fillings, all necessary ingredients, and seasonings. The most delicious Shaomai in Hohhot is made of mutton in it. You should have a taste of it.


Inner Mongolian Milk Tea

The Inner Mongolian milk tea is made of boiling water with brick tea and fresh milk. If you have a taste of it, you will find that the milk tea is a bit salty. That is because people usually put a little salt into the milk. Sometimes they also add a little butter into the milk tea. Almost all the local people in Hohhot like drinking milk tea. As the traditional hot drink of the Inner Mongolian people, Inner Mongolian milk tea is distinctive to this region and frequently served along with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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