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Zhaojun Tomb

Zhaojun Tomb is located nine kilometers away from Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


Why Zhaojun Tomb is special


Zhaojun Tomb is also called green tomb since the tomb is covered by thick green grass while the other places beside the tomb is deserted. Zhaojun Tomb has a long history of more than 2000 years. Originally established in West Han Dynasty, the tomb is one of the largest Han tombs in China. It is now listed as one of the eight most popular scenic spots in Hohhot. Recently, Zahojun Tomb administration plans to develop more cultural attractions such as an exhibition room displaying paintings and calligraphy. The tomb has now become one of the key cultural relics of Hohhot.


Zhaojun Tomb highlights


The story of Wangzhaojun


The tomb is a large man-made earthen mound with 33 meters in height. It was built to commemorate a great woman named Wang Zhaojun, who is praised as one of the four most beautiful ladies of ancient China. She married Khan of Mongolia in order to consolidate the safe of China. In front of the tomb there are bronze statues of Wang Zhaojun and her husband (Khan), depicting a vivid picture in which they are riding horses and talking to each other intimately. The statues are the symbol of the friendship between the Han Nationality and the Hun Nationality.


Spectacular scenery


Situated in the endless grass land, the tomb is famous for its spectacular scenery especially in summer and autumn. When summer comes to the grassland, the tomb surrounded by the beautiful flowers seems like a fairyland. Behind the statues, there is a platform housing several steles engraved with the poems and stories of Wang Zhaojun. Upon the stone platform tourists may find a pavilion, from there tourists could overlook the scenery of the tomb and the famous Mt. Yinshan.

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