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Hohhot Travel Season Tips

Hohhot belongs to semi-arid climate with distinct four seasons. The temperature difference in the morning and in the evening is big, so thick clothes are necessary even in summer. Hohhot is also hit by sandstorms in spring. The average annual temperature is 6℃. Winter in Hohhot is cold and long with an average temperature of -10℃.


The best time to visit Hohhot is from April to October, while the best time to go to the grassland is from middle July to early September when the temperature is 15℃ to 25℃. If you go to the prairie, preferably in the mid-July to early September, the prairie scenery is very charming. Also, during this period the annual meeting "Naadam" will be held. At this time you can visit Guzhao,climb ancient pagoda, and watch horse racing. In the Inner Mongolia, the daytime is very long, and ultraviolet rays are strong. Thus, it’s necessary to bring sunglasses and sunscreen with you.


Hohhot is dry and windy in spring, which has a dramatic change in temperature. In spring, the temperature raises particularly fast, and more precipitation than in winter. Spring is the windy season, and the wind in April is relatively strong. Sometimes the wind is accompanied with dust weather and severe temperature changes.


Summer is short, hot and dry. Great temperature difference between day and night, temperature at night is 20 ℃ lower than daytime temperature, so even in summer you still need a long-sleeved clothes in Hohhot. The strong sunlight of Hohhot is from June to September, so you are suggested to bring some sunscreen, lip balm, skincare, and you need to drink more water. Summer is the wettest season, and precipitation in July and August accounts for 50% of annual precipitation. July is the hottest month of the year, the average temperature is about 22 ℃.


Winter is an off season for traveling in Hohhot. If you loves winter and would like to go skiing down some of the most breath taking sites, Hohhot will be a great choice for you.

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