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Hohhot Travel Overview

Hohhot is the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The city is located between the Yinshan Mountain and the Yellow River. Hohhot covers an area of 17224 square kilometers, inhabited by a population of 2.63 million consisting of Han and 36 different ethnic groups, notably Mongolian, Manchu, Hui, and Tibetan.


Hohhot is a famous tourist destination which embodies the beauty of nature and profound ethnic culture since ancient times. Each year thousands of visitors are attracted to Hohhot by the famous attractions including the Dazhao Temple, Five Pagoda Temple, and beautiful scenery of the endless grassland. The city also features all kinds of specialties ranging from Mongolian silverwares, carpets, cashmere, camel hair products, traditional knives, deer antlers, narrow-leaved oleaster curtain, oatmeal and various dairy products.


As a major habitat of Mongolians, the folk songs and wrestling are popular activities for both local people and tourists who are longing to experience the local life. Visitors could enjoy a wide range of activities such as horse riding and archery, or visiting the home of a herdsman's family. Nadam Fair is the most important festival held during the midsummer holidays. The fair attracts a large number of visitors to enjoy Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery.


Hohhot belongs to the temperate arid climate with four distinct seasons. It is cold in winter and hot in the summer. The best season to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the endless grassland is from middle July to early September, when the weather is very comfortable and dry.


Hohhot boasts well-developed transportation facilities. A transportation network has been built, principally consisting of airways, railways, express ways, and public transportation. Hohhot Baita Airport operates 70 international and domestic routes connecting Hohhot to other cities including Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.


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