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Xilamuren Grassland

Xilamuren Grassland, located in Baotou City of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is a famous tourist summer resort.  It takes about 2 hours’ driving from Hohhot the Xilamuren Grassland. Xilamuren Grassland covers an area of 1,000 square kilometers, with an altitude of 1,700 meters. It is a typical plateau of grassland with a number of lovely hills around it.


Why the Xilamuren Grassland is special


Meaning "yellow river" in Mongolian, the Xilamuren Grassland is the earliest grassland to have been developed as a tourism attraction in Inner Mongolia. Since the site owns fantastic view and is located close to Hohhot, it is very popular for tourists who love nature and grassland in summer.  


Xilamuren Grassland highlights


There is a saying reflecting the special climatic changes in the Xilamuren Grassland: "People wear cotton-padded jackets in the morning while they wear gauze clothing at noon. People eat watermelons beside the fireplace at night". There is a great daytime to night-time temperature difference there. You may feel like you are visiting in cool autumn when you are actually there during a summer night.


Nadam Fair


Nadam Fair is held in late July every year in the Xilamuren Grassland. The festival presents Mongolian culture to the world. During the festival, a lot of traditional Mongolian activities are held, including singing and dancing, sports, athletics, dresses show and food exhibition. Among them, horse racing, wrestling and archery are the "Three Manly Sports" for the Mongolians. Tourists can enjoy the brave Mongolians' excellent performances.


Aobao Activity


Aobao Activity is usually held between late May and early June. Aobao is a kind of small stone mount shaped to conical. On the top of each Aobao there is a prayer flagpole (or religious flagpoles) and colorful flags. When the fiesta is finished, traditional activities are performed, such as horse riding, wrestling and so on.

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