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Haikou Travel Overview

Haikou is Hainan Island’s capital city which is located at the north edge of the island. Haikou is one of the top destinations for domestic and overseas tourists featuring all kinds of the tropical culture and scenery Haikou owns hundreds of modern hotels, resorts and spa, numerous top-level designed golf courses, and sailing clubs, together with many luxury plazas and mansions practically make the city a fascinating destination.

Haikou is firstly a cultural tourism destination. In the history many politic...
  • How to Arrange Your Haikou Trip
  • Haikou Travel Season Tips
    Best travel season Haikou, the provincial capital has a tropical marine climate with an average annual temperature of 20℃ (68F). The spring is warm and dry Summer is hot with the heaviest rainfall occurring. Autumn is a season of typhoons and rain ...
  • Transportation in Haikou Travel
    Airport Haikou Meilan Airport Opened in 1999 to replace the former Haikou Dayingshan Airport, the Meilan International Airport has an amazing growth of 13% in its annual passenger handling capacity. As target="_blank" title="Shanghai">Shanghai Sou...
  • Haikou Food
    Wenchang Chicken Wenchang chicken is one of the best kinds of chicken in China. Wenchang chicken is so named because it is produced in Wenchang City which is a county-level city. The traditional cooking method of Wenchang chicken is Baiqie chicken. ...
  • Haikou Shopping Tips
    What to buy Pearl In the ancient times, pearl is the symbol of power and wealth. Hainan is one of the places which produce abundant pearl shells. There is an old saying goes that "pearls in the East is not as good as in the West, and pearls in the W...
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