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Haikou Travel Season Tips

Best travel season

Haikou, the provincial capital has a tropical marine climate with an average annual temperature of 20℃ (68F). The spring is warm and dry Summer is hot with the heaviest rainfall occurring. Autumn is a season of typhoons and rain storms.  It is not cold in winter, but cold waves occur sometime.

The best time to visit Haikou is from November to next April, because the seasons from May to October are rainy season in Haikou, and from June to September are typhoon season in Haikou.


Spring in Haikou is warm and dry with little rain. In this season, Haikou has the average temperature of 19.7℃ ~ 26.0℃. Summer in Haikou has extremely high temperature. Also, during summer, Haikou will suffer lots of torrential rain and typhoon. The average temperature of this season is about 25.7℃ ~ 32.7℃. The high temperatures in summer make the waters of the South China Sea warm from June to September. After the storms, traffic facilities have to be put into repair even reconstruction.


Autumn is cool and comfortable with occasional overcast and rainy weather in Haikou. The average temperature is about 24.7℃ ~ 30.7℃ in Haikou's autumn. Winter is dry but not very cold in Haikou. It has the average temperature of 17.7℃ ~ 23.0℃, which is higher than other places.


As Haikou has strong ultraviolet radiation, you'd better bring sunglasses, high index of sunscreen and parasols. Also, it's better to prepare some medicines to prevent heat stroke, gastrointestinal disease and mosquito bites.

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