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Dongjiao Coconut Plantation

When thinking about the charming seaside Province, Hainan, a lush image of leafy coconut plantations, blue water and silver sands spring to mind. Bathing in the tropical sea, drinking juices from sweet coconuts, just imagine how nice it would be. Known variously as the 'Kingdom of Coconuts', 'Golden Seashore', and 'Forest Park over the Sea', Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is a good choice for a holiday visit.


Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is located on the seaside of Dongjiao Town, Wenchang City in Hainan and is most well-known for its broad coconut plantation. The plantation is literally a forest with over 500,000 coconut trees including the red, green, well-bred, short, tall and other varieties. Some short arecas, which quite resemble the coconuts, are immingled among coconut trees. The Hainan people give a romantic name to this phenomenon: “Trees of Lovers”, coconuts as the heroes and arecas as the beauties. The trees not only provide savory fruits, but also act as a shield against the frequent typhoons here.


Coconut Bayou, whose scenery is pictured on the famous series of stamps named 'Seashore Scenery', engenders a peaceful and idyllic feeling of nature. In the Coconut Park, you'll be inundated in a sea of coconuts of different shapes and sizes, including the unique 'King Three Branches of Coconuts', named for the grotesquely large branches in the tree. Dongjiao also pays attention to fishing industry. Facilities have been established to ensure maritime safety, including an ancient beacon to guide the passing boats. Once the fishermen go out for fishing, their relatives will pray for them in the Shuiwei Shengniang Temple.


Location: In the coastal area of Dongjiao Town, east suburb of Wenchang City

Opening Time: All day

Ticket: 30 RMB

Transportation: This plantation is opposite the Qinglan Harbor and is only accessible by boat. You can travel directly to the harbor by van from Haikou Eastern Coach Station, which usually departs at 10:10 am and 16: 10 pm. Another option is board a shuttlebus from Haikou Eastern Coach Station or the Southern Station and transfer at Wenchang Coach Station. Services are frequent in this route, which begin every half an hour usually.

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