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Haikou Shopping Tips

What to buy


In the ancient times, pearl is the symbol of power and wealth. Hainan is one of the places which produce abundant pearl shells. There is an old saying goes that "pearls in the East is not as good as in the West, and pearls in the West is not as good as in the South". That is to say, the quality of pearls in Hainan is very excellent. In Hainan, you can buy many kinds of pearls in stores, but only seawater pearls are the local products of Haikou. The biggest seawater pearls have a diameter of 1.5 cm. The seawater pearls not only can make various jewels, but also can be made into beautiful pearl decorations. What’s more, pearl can be crushed down into powder; it is used by Chinese women as a secret treatment to help maintain youth and beauty.


Horn Carving

The horns of ox and buffalo were carved and put together into different shapes of animals. Among them, sea fish, eagle and peacock are best known home and abroad.


Natural Crystal

Crystal from Hainan is considered to be the best in China. Hainan crystal is mainly produced in Tunchang County of Hainan. Yangjiao Ling crystal mine is a famous crystal production area in Tunchang County. High quality crystal is made into various kinds of decorations, such as necklaces, bracelets, plastrons, and so on. A lot of DIY shops allow you to use your imagination to create your own unique gift for your friends.



Li Brocade

Li brocade, an ancient textile craft invented by the Li people, is a kind of folk brocade in Hainan province. Li brocade is produced in the habitation area of Li Ethnic Group . Li brocade is mainly served as the material for women’s tube-shaped skirt, bag, belt, etc. Woven with cotton yarn and silk thread, Li brocade was once called as "Li cloth" and "Li curtain" in the Song dynasty. Many colors cooperate with each other, so art effect of deep color is formed.



Jequirity, also called "love pea" or "Hongdou" in Chinese, has been the symbol of love since the ancient time. The jequirity is in deep red color. Jequirity is very beautiful; it can be also made onto a necklace as a decoration instead of a pearl. But it is cheaper than a pearl. Lovers can present the decoration with a jequirity to each other to express their yearning. Jequirity is a good gift between lovers.


Where to buy


Haixiu Avenue

The Haixiu Avenue is the most prosperous business street in Haikou. There are many souvenir shops. Tourists can buy the crystals, pearls in these jewelry stores. Coffee, palm sugar, coconut carvings can be bought in those local product shops.

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