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Haikou Food

Wenchang Chicken

Wenchang chicken is one of the best kinds of chicken in China. Wenchang chicken is so named because it is produced in Wenchang City which is a county-level city. The traditional cooking method of Wenchang chicken is Baiqie chicken. The color of Wenchang Chicken is yellow and frailty, the meat is delicate, and the bone is soft and fresh. The seasonings of Wenchang Chicken are mashed garlic, sauce and orange juice. It is well received by customers both domestic and abroad and you can have a taste of it in any hotels of Haikou. Wenchang Chicken is the number one traditional cuisine in Hainan, anyone come to Hainan must have a taste of it.


Jiaji Duck

Jiaji Duck, also called "Fan Duck", is produced in Qionghai City. It is said that this kind of duck was introduced into Hainan Province from Malaysia 300 years ago. Jiaji Ducks are brought up by cage-feeding and cramming. It has thin skin, brittle bones and tender flesh. Generally speaking, there are three ways to cook Jiaji Duck. The best cooking way of the Jiaji Duck is Baizhan Duck; it is favored by both local people and visitors. The local people take the Jiaji Duck as the medicine diet of  improving physical wellness.


Rice in Bamboo in Li Style

Bamboo rice is the traditional food for the people of the Li Ethnic Group, who live mainly in Hainan Province. They make the bamboo rice when they are about to travel far away, go hunting and treat the guests. The making process of the bamboo rice is very easy. First, prepare the materials like bamboo tubes, Shanlan rice (a special kind of upland rice in Hainan, it is also known as "fragrant rice"), and some special ingredients. Second, wash the bamboo tubes and rice, then put the rice into the bamboo tubes, and add in the right amount of water. Third, take some banana leaves to seal the two ends of the bamboo tubes, then put the bamboo tubes with rice inside on the charcoal fire and wait till it is ready.


Hele Crab

Hele crab, produced in Hele of Wanning city, is famous as sea-ear and sea pumpkin in Haikou. Autumn is the best season for eating crab, and streaming is the best way to cook a crab. Its distinguished features are the red shell, the orange fat and the white meat.


Qing Bu Liang (Sam Bo Luong)

Qing Bu Liang is one of the most well known medicinal herbal soup in Haikou. Summer in Haikou is hot and long, but it is cool down soon after the sunset. At this time, Qing Bu Liang appears in succession. Most of the stalls are at the side of the road. As it consists of mainly cooling ingredients it is often eaten as a "summer" soup.. Qing Bu Liang can clear heat from the heart, and calm the mind.


Hainan Rice Noodle

Hainan Rice Noodle is a traditional snack, which was introduced from Minan of Fujian Province. It is pickled by the rice noodles and more than ten special seasonings. Local people like to eat Hainan Rice Noodle in their everyday lives.

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