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Temple of Five Lords

Why is Five Gentle Lords Temple Special?

Haikou is the province's capital and contains interesting historic sites. Also known as Coconut City, Haikou is a major port. The Five Gentle Lords Temple consists of five traditional temples and halls that were built in honor of five officials of the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties. These officials were banished to Hainan for periods ranging from 11 days to 11 years for speaking out against what they felt were wrong practices by the Emperors.


Five Gentle Lords Temple Highlight

It is perhaps significant that the establishment of the Five Gentle Lords Temple in the late 19th century coincides with the time when China's territorial integrity was under threat, and that several of the officials honored here were exiled for espousing aggressive policies on the recapture of the north of China from the Jurchens during the Southern Song dynasty.


The temple's main building is the Five Lords Ancestral Hall. It is a red two-story wooden structure that stands more than 9 meters tall and has a total floor space of 560 square meters. A historical inscription on a board placed over the front entrance on the second floor declares it the "first building in Hainan". The earliest buildings of the complex were erected during the reign of Wanli Emperor (1572–1620) of the Ming Dynasty. The temple has undergone a major restoration during the reign of the Qing emperor Guangxu followed by minor repairs that were carried out later.

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