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Dongpo Academy

Dongpo Academy was originally built in 1098 during the Northern Song Dynasty, in memory of Su Dongpo, a well-known litterateur. It is now a tourist attraction in Hainan. Dongpo Academy once took the highest seat of learning and cultivated many talents. The academy is facing south, with a dignified door, which is unique and quaint. Above the door, there are four Chinese characters, written by Zhang Ji, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty.


In the courtyard of the academy, there is a bridge above the clean pond, leading you to the Zaijiu Pavilion. Zaijiu Pavilion is covered with green tiles. On the roof of the pavilion, there are the paintings about the life of Su Dongpo, which are vivid and true to life. On both sides of the pavilion, there are the lotus ponds, in which there are the gold fish. Deep into the courtyard, there is the Zaijiu Hall. It is the place where Su Dongpo once taught and met friends. As the main architecture of the academy, the hall has 13 tablets which were written by celebrities. On the rear wall of the hall, there are two marble stone inscriptions. One was inscribed by Song Lian, a litterateur in the Ming Dynasty, and another was painted by Tang Yin, a famous painter in the Ming Dynasty.


The last part of the academy is the Great Hall. In the center of the hall, there is a group of statues of Su Dongpo and his son, made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. Besides, there are the exhibits of the sketch painted and written by Su Dongpo.


Location: Zhonghe Town, Danzhou City

Opening Time: 8:00am - 18:00pm

Ticket: 15 RMB

Transportation: Take bus No. 3 in Danzhou and get off at Juntun, and then take another bus to Zhonghe Town. When you arrive at the town, take a taxi to Dongpo Academy, or walk.

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