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Zhangye Attractions

  • Shandanjun Army Horse Breeding Farm

    Shandanjun Army Horse Breeding Farm

    Shandanjun Horse Farm is the largest in scale in Asia and the second largest in the world. Shandanjun Horse Farm has plentiful grass and abundant water. The horse farm is embraced by a luxuriantly green land, so in summer it looks like a green quilt and in winter it looks like a golden sea. It is a... Read more>>
  • Mati Temple

    Mati Temple

    Mati Temple is located at the foot of Linsong Mountain, which is about 80 km away from the South Yugur Minority Autonomous County of Gansu Province. The temple was built in the Jin Dynasty. Mati Temple has gathered the culture, the landscape, and the religious together. A series of horse shoe pri... Read more>>
  • Bell and Drum Tower

    Bell and Drum Tower

    The Bell and Drum Tower, also called Zhenyuan Tower or Jingyuan Tower, was built in imitation of Xian's Bell Tower and is the biggest drum tower in the Hexi Corridor of the Silk Road zone. Bell and Drum Tower was built in 1507 during the Ming Dynasty. However, it was destroyed by the war in 1648 du... Read more>>
  • Zhange Danxia Landform Park

    Zhange Danxia Landform Park

    Zhangye Danxia Landform Park is about 40 kilometers away from Zhangye City center. The landscape is appraised and elected by Chinese National Geography in "Beauty China" campaign as the No. 6 "China's most beautiful seven Danxia". Zhangye Danxia Landform Park is amazing and imposing, since it has... Read more>>
  • Wooden Pagoda Temple

    Wooden Pagoda Temple

    Wooden Pagoda Temple, originally named Wanshou Temple, is located at Xianfu South Street in Zhangye City. Wooden Pagoda stands in the town’s main square. It was first built in AD 528, but the present structure is a thorough reconstruction from 1926. The temple has nine layers and 32.8 meters tal... Read more>>
  • Great Buddha Temple

    Great Buddha Temple

    The Great Buddha Temple or Dafo Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple in Zhangye, Gansu, China. After the rebuild project in 2005, the Great Buddha Temple now attracts thousands of visitors every day. The Great Buddha Temple has experienced several centuries and at the same time, it has changed seve... Read more>>
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