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Zhangye Travel Season Tips

Zhangye has the continental climate with average sunlight of over 3,000 hours annually. The climatic feature is dry. It is coldest in January and hottest in July. For the visitors, the highly recommend and most comfortable travel time is from June to September.


Zhangye is a good place for summer holidays since the cool weather. You can see the special beauty of the Danxia Landform just after the rain. Remember to bring a jacket when traveling in summer since the temperature is low in morning and at night.


If you travel to Zhangye in autumn, you’d better wear a jacket since the weather is getting cold since September. For winter, it is very cold and dry, so it’s not the best choice to travel in winter.



The annual average temperature is 7 °C.



Zhangye has the annual average rainfall 104 millimeters-459 millimeters (4 inches-18 inches).

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