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Zhangye Travel Overview

Located at the northwest part of Gansu Province, Zhangye is an important commercial port on the ancient Silk Road. The total area of Zhangye is 41,900 square kilometers (16,177 square miles) with the population of 4.46 million. As a historical famous city, Zhangye has so much sightseeing attractions with long history. The sceneries around the city are also amazing and beautiful.

Zhangye has lots of famous tourist sites, such as Great Buddha Temple, Wooden Pagoda, Danxia Landform National Park, Bell and Drum To...
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  • Zhangye Travel Season Tips
    Zhangye has the continental climate with average sunlight of over 3,000 hours annually. The climatic feature is dry. It is coldest in January and hottest in July. For the visitors, the highly recommend and most comfortable travel time is from June t...
  • Transportation
    Airport Zhangye Ganzhou Airport started its operation to the public from November, 2011. The airport is about 24km to the center of Zhangye City. Now, there are regular flights between Xian and Zhangye via Lanzhou every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur...
  • Dinning
    As a coastal city in Shandong Peninsula, Yantai’s local cuisine made of seafood is popular throughout northern China. Bayu Dumplings Although Bayu Dumplings are sold everywhere in Shandong province, Yantai, gifted by its large amount of ports a...
  • Shopping
    Central Street It is the most famous traditional commercial street in Harbin, gathering many clothing stores and Russian souvenir shops. The Beer Garden serving different kinds of beer and BBQ opens in summer time. MYKAL Department Store It is co...
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