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Zhangye Travel Overview

Located at the northwest part of Gansu Province, Zhangye is an important commercial port on the ancient Silk Road. The total area of Zhangye is 41,900 square kilometers (16,177 square miles) with the population of 4.46 million. As a historical famous city, Zhangye has so much sightseeing attractions with long history. The sceneries around the city are also amazing and beautiful.

Zhangye has lots of famous tourist sites, such as Great Buddha Temple, Wooden Pagoda, Danxia Landform National Park, Bell and Drum Tower, Horseshoe Temple and Shandanjun Army Horse Breeding Farm. All these sights attract millions of visitors coming Zhangye for traveling every year.

There are also some welcomed folk art performances which show on the traditional festivals, such as walking on stilts, the dragon dance, yangko, and cantata. These performances reflect people’s lifestyle and the culture deposits of Zhangye City.

Zhangye is a famous historical and cultural city and also a popular tourist city in China. At present Zhangye is one of the biggest international trade markets in China, as many merchants from the western countries get to Zhangye for trading and business in succession these years. The agriculture here is excellent developed because of the irrigation from the Black and Shandan rivers. Zhangye is considered as the "lush southern-type fields in the desert".

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