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Wuhan Shopping Tips

What to buy



It is a sky blue or bluish green semi-precious stone. The name means "Turkish stone" and is often inlayed on bracelets, rings or necklaces. As the stone is porous, jewelry made with turquoise should be removed before washing your hands.

Where to buy


Jing Wu's Duck Neck

Wuhan people consider duck neck as a delicacy. The spicy duck neck is cooked with pepper and spices, and stewed in a low fire, resulting in strong taste and a lingering flavor. Jing Wu, the most famous shop that sells it, has been interviewed by several TV stations in China.


Xiaogan Cake

A specialty of Hubei Province, Xiaogan cake is made of sticky rice flour, sesame, sugar, and sweet-scented osmanthus. It is crisp, sweet and nutritious.

Qingshan Mahong Cake is another kind of sweet cake made of rice flour, sugar and sesame. The cake is usually cut into long pieces and tastes soft and crisp.


Where to buy


Jiangzheng Street

Jiangzheng Street is a fabulous place for shopping, travelling and goods exchange. It is also a good place for travelers to experience the open and enthusiastic attitude of Wuhan people when making a deal with them.


Han Zheng Street

In the center of Hankou Town is a century-old street, Han Zheng (Han Zheng Jie). In 2000, the government developed it into a tourist shopping street. Dazzling stores housed in traditional buildings sell various goods. If you want to buy your friends and relatives some local products, baked sesame cake, Xiaogan sesame sugar, Jingwu duck neck and Wuchang fish are all good choices. Tourists are invited to find inexpensive items -- and are cautioned about quality. Learn to bargain.


Hanjiang Walking Street

Another featured street is a famous walking street near Hanjiang Lu in center of the town. One hundred seventy-seven meters (252 feet) longer than the famous Nanjing Lu walking street in Shanghai, Hanjiang Lu is very popular. Over 200 stores housed in traditional buildings sell a complete selection of clothes, appliance, food, commodities and other goods.


Cultural Street in Xianggang Lu

Located at No. 209 Xianggang Road, Cultural Street is a large antique market. An array of stalls and stores sell traditional Chinese folk artwork, chops, curios, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, furniture, jade and other treasures from earlier days. Both locals and travelers enjoy looking for favorites in a sea of choices.


Wuhan Plaza Shopping Centre

The architecture is a successful combination of old and new, eastern and western. As the largest shopping centre incorporating entertainment, food, shopping and commerce, it attracts over 2 million brands all over the world to open stores here.

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