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Wuhan Food

Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste

Hot dry noodles are an essential part of the Wuhan diet, eaten by almost everyone daily at breakfast time. It is what Wuhan people grow up eating. Wuhan Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste and Shanxi Sliced Noodles, Guangdong and Guangxi Fried Noodles, Sichuan Style Noodles and Northern Noodles with Soybean Paste are known collectively as The Famous Five Noodles in China. One of the best places to try delicious Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste is the aptly named Cai Lin Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste Restaurant.


Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes

The three steamed dishes refer to steamed fish, pork, and meatballs or shrimp balls. People of Mianyang (now Xiantao City in Hubei Province) keep the traditional way of steamed dishes from the old days. Nowadays, chefs have tailored the ingredients, cooking methods, and techniques for the local people's taste.


Si Jimei Steamed Buns

Si Jimei Steamed Buns in Wuhan are the result of the continuous evolution of traditional cooking methods employed in making them. Si Jimei Steamed Buns sticky rice, egg, beef, mushrooms and beans wrapped in a pocket of soy skin, and can be divided into many kinds according to the different varieties of stuffing. As a result, there is certain to be something for everyone.


Chicken Soup in Pottery Pot

The Chicken Soup in Pottery Pot cooked by Wuhan Small Peach Garden Restaurant has a very special flavor due to the fact that the chicken is from Huangpo District and Xiaogan City. Also, it is first boiled in a pottery pot with boiling water on the hot fire, and is then stewed on the small fire. As a result, the soup is delicious and the chicken is tender and well-done. It is simply not to be missed.


Steamed Wuchang Fish

Wuchang Fish is famous for a poem written by Chairman Mao Zedong. In his poem "Swimming" he wrote: "I have just drunk the waters of Changsha. And come to eat the fish of Wuchang." With a history of over 1,700 years, Steamed Wuchang Fish is a typical food in Wuhan. Steamed Wuchang Fish with soy sauce is the best way to cook. This freshwater fish, when steamed together with mushrooms, bamboo shoots and chicken soup, keeps both the original fresh taste of the fish and the nutrients.

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