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Wuhan Travel Season Tips

Climate of Wuhan is the sub- tropical humid monsoon climate with abundant rainfall, sunshine and distinct seasons. The general climate and environment are nice. The best time to visit Wuhan is in spring and autumn, especially from March to April, September to October. Spring is a flowering season. You can appreciate the oriental cherry at Wuhan University. In autumn, you can visit East Lake or Jianghan Road and Jiqing Street to feel the passion of Wuhan people.


Wuhan welcomes its early spring in March. The temperature rises quickly, and the maximum temperature can reach over 20 °C, but the low temperature is still relatively low. From March to April, you need to pay attention to late spring cold. At night, temperatures often drop 15℃-20℃ with a big snowfall. The average temperature is about 7.3℃ - 15.3℃,


Wuhan is called one of the three furnaces. Summer in the city is renowned for its scorching heat and high humidity. Generally, hot summer lasts from May to October in Wuhan. The hottest summer lasts for continuous forty days, and every day is more than 40℃.


In September, the temperature may reach about 38℃, but the minimum temperature is no longer high. Wuhan begins its early autumn from October, and the temperature will gradually decline. The weather is dry and sometimes the temperature will unusually reach nearly 30℃. The average temperature is 20℃-28℃.


Wuhan often quickly welcomes its winter from its autumn as long as the cold air down south while the temperature drops very powerfully. The cold winter time is from November to late January with its severe cold and the average temperature of 3℃- 12℃. However, if Wuhan suffers the cold wave or sleet, the temperature will be below 0℃.

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