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Tianlongshan Grottoes

Tianlongshan Grottoes is 40 kilometers in the southwestern Taiyuan City. Tianlong Mountain was formerly known as Square Mountain, which was called Tianlong Mountain after the construction of Tianlong Temple in the north of the mountain. This was once the Summer Palace of the father of Gaoyang Emperor of the Northern Qi Dynasty (420 - 589).

Arising mountains stand around Tianlong Mountain; verdant trees grow on Tianlong Mountain. Tianlongshan Grottoes was first built in the Eastern Wei Dynasty (534-550), Gaohuan constructed grottoes in Tianlong Mountain. Then the grottoes continued to be built in Northern Qi Dynasty and Sui Dynasty. The Tianlong Mountain Grottoes are scattered in the cliff-waist of the East and West Peaks of the Tianlong Mountains. There are 24 caves built in the Eastern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui and Tang, with eight grottoes in the east peak, thirteen grottoes in the west peak and three grottoes in the north of the mountain. There are more than 1,500 statues, 1,144 embossments, alga wells and figures in existing grottos.

The proficient styles, appropriate ratio, soft lines and elaborate sculpture of the grottoes in Tianlongshan Grottoes provide us abundant practical materials for the researches of Buddha, arts, sculpture and architecture. They are typical works of the Chinese ancient sculpture, playing an important role in the field of sculpture and art in the world.

Address: No.108, Binghe East road, Wanbolin district, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
Opening hours: 8:30-17:30
Admission fee: 30 RMB
Type: Historic buildings
Transportation: take the bus that goes from Taiyuan to Qingxu, or take NO. 8 bus and take off at the Jinci Temple Station. Then, bypass Jinci Temple to Tianlong Mountain, walk straight along the road that around the mountain until you see Tianlongshan Grotto. Now you have to pay for going into the mountain.
Recommended visit time: 6-8 hours
Tel: 0351-6349668

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