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Taiyuan Travel Overview

Taiyuan is the capital and largest city of Shanxi province in North China. Situated next to Fen River and surrounded by mountains, Taiyuan is an ancient city with 2,509 years of urban history, which can be traced back to 497 BC. Taiyuan was the capital or provisional capital of many dynasties in China which has a profound background of history.

The city is seated near the center of the province, and at the intersection of the province's two main interprovincial highways, G307 and G208, which traverses the prov...
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  • Taiyuan Travel Season Tips
    Taiyuan has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 9.3 C (48.7 F). Expereiencing a semi-arid climate, it is always fair in Taiyuan, with dry and cold winters, and hot summers. Spring here often comes with...
  • Transportation
    Airport The Taiyuan Wusu Airport of Taiyuan (TYN) The Taiyuan Wusu Airport lies in the south of the suburb, 18 kilometers from the downtown area of Taiyuan. There are direct Flights to most large or medium sized cities of the country, such as Beij...
  • Dinning
    Braised Chicken with Fresh Mushrooms Braised Chicken with Fresh Mushrooms is a traditional and famous dish of NE China. To cook this dish, people first scald and depilate the chicken and then cut the chicken into pieces. Then put the chicken pieces...
  • Shopping
    Central Street It is the most famous traditional commercial street in Harbin, gathering many clothing stores and Russian souvenir shops. The Beer Garden serving different kinds of beer and BBQ opens in summer time. MYKAL Department Store It is co...
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