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Taiyuan Travel Season Tips

Taiyuan has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 9.3 C (48.7 F). Expereiencing a semi-arid climate, it is always fair in Taiyuan, with dry and cold winters, and hot summers. Spring here often comes with strong sunlight and heavy wind. Because of the aridity, there tends to be considerable diurnal variation in temperature, except during the summer.


Generally speaking the best time to visit is between May and October, if you do not mind the heat. If you are lucky enough, you will catch up with the temple fair in Jinci.


Spring in Taiyuan from March to May is dry, with occasional dust storms, and the temperature ranges from 9℃ to 12℃. The temperature rebounds rapidly and the sunshine is abundant while the rainfall is little. There are many windy days, accounting for almost the half of the whole year.


Summer lasts from June to August in Taiyuan, which is hot and humid with most of the year's rainfall concentrated between late July and middle August, accounting for over 60% of the whole year. The hottest month is July, with the temperature ranging from 17.78 ºC to 28.89 ºC.


Autumn lasts from September to November in Taiyuan, with the temperature ranging from 8℃ to 10℃. It boasts very sunny days and the temperature drops rapidly. For packing, long-sleeved T-shirts, sweaters and sunglasses are necessary.


Winter lasts from December to the following February, which is chilly, sunny and dry, with the average temperature ranging from -9℃ to -5℃. The coldest month is January, with the temperature ranging from -12.22℃ to 1.11℃. About half of the time is sunny days.

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