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The Taiyuan Wusu Airport of Taiyuan (TYN)

The Taiyuan Wusu Airport lies in the south of the suburb, 18 kilometers from the downtown area of Taiyuan. There are direct Flights to most large or medium sized cities of the country, such as Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin , Chengdu , Guilin , Nanjing , Shengyang , Xi’an and others.

Distance to city center: 18 km


Transportation to city center:


Airport bus

There are no fixed airport buses from the downtown area of Taiyuan to its airport.



30 minutes-drive to the downtown area from the airport. The fare is about 50 Yuan.


Railway Stations


Currently, there are two railway stations in the city for passenger transport: Taiyuan Railway Station and Taiyuan South Railway Station.


Taiyuan Railway Station


Taiyuan Railway Station was built in 1907. It has been reconstructed on a large scale in 2008, which nearly doubles the transportation capacity of Taiyuan Railway station. Every day, there are 55 pairs of trains in Taiyuan Railway Station sent to most of the provinces and cities of the country. Together with Taiyuan South Railway Station, they are the main force that bears the passenger transitions of Taiyuan City and even Shanxi Province.

Address: No.2, Jianshe south road, Yingze district, Taiyuan city


Taiyuan South Railway Station


Taiyuan South Railway Station was jointly funded by the Ministry of Railways and Shanxi Province. It was officially put into operation on July 1, 2014. It is the first modernized large-scale railway passenger station in Shanxi Province and one of the landmark buildings in Taiyuan. Taiyuan South Railway Station is the largest integrated transportation hub in Shanxi. It is adjacent to Shanxi University, a high-tech development zone in Taiyuan City, and Shanxi University of Finance and Economics.

Address: No.31, Nongke north road, Xiaodian district, Taiyuan city




The bus station is at the Taiyuan Long-Distance Bus Station, east of Yingze Dajie. The expressway from Taiyuan to Jiuguan is the first expressway built in Shanxi Province and connects Yuci City, Shouyang County, Yangquan City and Pingding County. From here, you can reach Beijing from Taiyuan within five hours.

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