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Coal Museum of China

The Coal Museum of China is the collection center of historical relics, coal specimens and documents of coal industry. It covers an area of 11 hectares and has a construction area of 90,000 square meters. The Coal Museum of China is divided into east and west yard, consisting of the Exhibition Hall, China Coal Science and Cultural Exchange Center, Lecture Hall, Official Building and Modern Science and Technology Institute.


The general layout of the Coal Museum of China is “seven exhibition halls and one mine”, which are the Coal Formation Hall, Coal and Human Hall, Coal Exploring Technology Hall, Modern China Coal Industry Hall, Coal Art Hall, Coal Documents Hall, Communication on Coal Industry at home and abroad Hall as well as a simulated mine.


The Coal Museum of China has a history of more than 20 years. Currently, it becomes a multi-functional museum witch combines the function of promoting protecting coal relics, coal cultures, showing ancient wall pictures of Shanxi province as well as attracting tourists. Due to its unique coal culture and customized service, it ranks on the lists of the most favorable tourist attractions in Shanxi Province. There are some unique exhibitions, such as the “A Tour to the Coal Sea” and the exhibition of ancient wall paintings in Shanxi Province.


You can learn how the coal resources are formed. Besides, the large-scale simulated mine is the only and the largest underground simulated mines in China and throughout the world. The facilities are real. It will vividly show tourists the development history of Chinese coal industry. Moreover, tourists can get the experience of digging coal.


Address: No.2, Yingze West Street, Wanbolin District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

Admission fee: 60 RMB

Type: Culture

Transportation: Take Bus No.1, 38, 611, 809, 813, 822, 855 and 859, getting off at Yingzeqiao West Station.

Recommended visit time: 2-3 hours

Website: http://www.coalmus.org.cn

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