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Quanzhou Attractions

  • Xunbu Village

    Xunbu Village

    Xunbu Village is located in Fengze District, Quanzhou city, Fujian Province. It is a small fishing village, and it is 10 kilometers from Quanzhou city. People in this village are the descendant of ancient Arab people. This village is famous for the red sturgeon and oyster shrimp. Women in this vi... Read more>>
  • Cao'an Temple

    Cao'an Temple

    Perched on the hill of Huabiao, 19km south of Quanzhou, Cao'an Temple is dedicated to Manichaeism, a religion originating in Persia in the third century. In 1961, the temple was entered on the Fujian provincial list of protected cultural monuments. In 1996, it was added to China's National List of ... Read more>>
  • Chongwu Ancient Town

    Chongwu Ancient Town

    As a national AAAA scenic spot, Chongwu Ancient Town gained the reputation of “natural film studio” and “Beidaihe in the South”. It locates at Chongwu Township, the coastal jag in the east of Hui’an County, about 50 km east of Quanzhou. One of the best preserved city walls in China can be fo... Read more>>
  • Kaiyuan Temple

    Kaiyuan Temple

    The Kaiyuan Temple is a famous Buddhist temple, located in West Street, Quanzhou, which is widely acknowledged as one of the oldest temple in Fujian province. The temple was initially built in 686 during the Tang Dynasty. After several restorations, it has become a complete complex of courtyard gal... Read more>>
  • Quanzhou Maritime Museum

    Quanzhou Maritime Museum

    The Quanzhou Maritime Museum is an ideal place for tourists to have a panorama view of trading history of Quanzhou and the development of Chinese shipbuilding. Established in 1959, The Museum was initially located at the Kaiyuan Temple, but was partly moved to its new location at the east of the Ea... Read more>>
  • Mount Qingyuan

    Mount Qingyuan

    Located about 3 kilometers from Quanzhou city, Mount Qingyuan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Quanzhou. The Mount Qingyuan is a national park, covering an area of 62 square kilometers (15,321 acres). The park contains three major scenic features, the namesake Mount Qingyuan, and M... Read more>>
  • Qingjing Mosque

    Qingjing Mosque

    The Qingjing Mosque, also named the Ashab Mosque, sits in Quanzhou downtown, covering an area of 2,500 square meters. The mosque is the oldest of the Arab style mosque in China, which was constructed in 1009. This glorious mosque is a representative of the friendship and cultural exchange between C... Read more>>
  • Luoyang Bridge quanzhou

    Luoyang Bridge

    Renowned as target="_blank" title="Luoyang">Luoyang Bridge strides over the Luoyang River from south to north in the southern of Quanzhou city. The other three are Lugou Bridge in Beijing, Zhaozhou Bridge in Shijiazhuang and Guangji Bridge in Chaozhou. Luoyang Bridge is China’s earliest stone brid... Read more>>
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