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Quanzhou Food

Quanzhou is a seaport city, and many local dishes are made up of sea food. Besides, the cuisine of Quanzhou has also been influenced by many different cultures. Cooks use the local seaside provender and exotic methods to create a variety of special dishes. Among these dishes, the most famous are local appetizers.


Kezai Jian (Fried Oyster)


This is a traditional snack cooked with fleshy oysters and fresh leeks. The oysters are mixed with the leeks and sweet potato powder together with clear water. Use a pan to fry for about two minutes. Then they are sprinkled with some lard, soy and vinegar and turned over several times in the pan. Finally, the oysters are topped with a fried egg. You can add more flavors to this dish by adding shallots and pepper.


Tusun Dong (Frozen Siphon Worm)


Tusun is a kind of eatable insect about four inches long living on the sandy shores. Locals often remove the insects' haslets and boil only their outer bodies in clear water. The pectin inside the insects' bodies is then mixed with water and frozen. After freezing, the mixture takes the form of a pure white jelly. When eating the frozen jelly, you can boost its flavor by adding vinegar, sweet catsup, garlic, tomatoes or any condiment you wish.


Mianxian Hu (Noodles in Soup)


This dish is a soup that is prepared with oysters, shrimps and mussels on a slow fire. Thin noodles are then added. The dish is complete when the noodles become mushy and blend with the soup. Sometimes, mushrooms and fish fillets are added to make the dish even more tasty.


Rouzong (Pyramid-Shaped Rice Dumplings)


Pork and glutinous rice are not the only ingredient showed in this dish; mushrooms, chestnuts, lotus seeds, ham and chicken are also added. The preparation is also quite complicated. First the pork is boiled with various seasonings. Then the rice is stir-fried with both of the stewed pork. After the rice is cooked, it is mixed with the pork, chestnuts, mushrooms and other condiments in bamboo leaves. Finally, the dumplings are simmered in a big pot for about half a day. Rouzong tastes rich and sweet, but not greasy. You can add some gingili sauce or garlic if you like.

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