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Quanzhou Travel Season Tips

Quanzhou is accessible to tourists for most time of the year, so it is up to you to pick up the best time to spend a fulfilling holiday in Quanzhou. However, springs and autumns is probably your best choice. The land of Quanzhou has a tropical marine climate and is influenced by the monsoon. Therefore Quanzhou weather is warm and wet almost all year round with annual average temperature of about 18℃-20℃ (64℉-68℉).


Weathers in springs and autumns in Quanzhou are quite similar. They are always warm, wet and rainy. More rains come in springs and autumns than winters and less than summers. Besides, sunshine is not too strong, which is just proper for travelling.


Summer (July to September) often lasts for a long time but temperature is not as high as some other parts of China. The average summer temperature is about 26℃ to 29℃ (79℉-84℉). Some local traditional festival are held during summer, one of which his called the Zhongyuan Festival, usually lasting for one month starting from July 10th in the Chinese lunar calendar. During this month, people carry out sacrificial rites to their ancestors, entertain guests and perform local operas.


Winter is also a joyful season to enjoy a fulfilling holiday in Quanzhou. At this time of the year, the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. Besides, tourists also have an opportunity to join in various activities in Quanzhou.

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