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Nanning Attractions

  • Nanning Flower World

    Nanning Flower World

    Nanning Flower World is located in Wuming District. Flower World is a comprehensive tourism and leisure resort integrating ecological sightseeing, popular science display, conference affairs, outdoor fitness sports, and flower production and sales. There are many main attractions in the Flower Worl... Read more>>
  • Nanning Diwang Mansion

    Nanning Diwang Mansion

    Nanning Diwang Mansion is located in Qingxiu District, Nanning. It is located in Ningdong CBD, with convenient transportation system, which was put into use in 2006. The 58-floor building is 276 meters high with a total investment of 500 million RMB. Diwang Building is an international 5A-graded of... Read more>>
  • Yongjiang River

    Yongjiang River

    Yongjiang River has the abundant water resource and good shipping conditions. It is the main water source of Nanning as well as the main and tributary waterway for shipping. Yongjing River is regarded as the mother river of Nanning. It guarantees the economic development of Nanning. It also greatly... Read more>>
  • Wuxiang Square

    Wuxiang Square

    Wuxiang Square is located in Langdong New District in Nanning. It is also named as Jinhu Square. It is Nanning’s first modern commercial complex plaza, which is based on the theme of ecological leisure. The square was completed in 2004, with the total area of 77,919 square meters. The landscape ar... Read more>>
  • Wusheng Palace

    Wusheng Palace

    Wusheng Palace is located in Pumiao Town, Yongning District, Nanning. It is located at the foot of the east side of Yinzhen Peak, about 20 miles from the city center. Since the ancient times, Wusheng Palace has been a holy place for tourists where local people pray and worship. It is a relatively w... Read more>>
  • Dalong Cave

    Dalong Cave

    Dalong Cave Scenic Area is located at the northwest of Shanglin County on the eastern foot of Daming Mountain. Dalong Cave Scenic Area is composed of Dalong Lake and Dalong Cave. It is a National 4A Class Scenic Area. Main attractions at Dalong Cave Scenic Area Dalong Lake, also called Dalongdon... Read more>>
  • Yanjiang Ancient Town

    Yanjiang Ancient Town

    Yanjiang Ancient Town locates 15 kilometers west of Long’an County, Nanning City. It was built during the Qing Dynasty with a history of more than 200 years. It covers an area of 121 square kilometers. The ancient town was built on the banks of the Youjiang River. Due to the busy shipping transpor... Read more>>
  • Lingyang Temple

    Lingyang Temple

    Lingyang Temple locates in Mashan County, Nanning City. It is a Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit in Mashan County and the largest cave-style temple in Guangxi. The temple was built during 1078-1085 of the middle Song Dynasty. It was built by the descendant of the Sixth Patriarch, Huiyuan, who wa... Read more>>
  • Qibainong Scenic Area

    Qibainong Scenic Area

    Qibainong Scenic Area locates in Qibainong County, which is 138 kilometers away from Nanning. The scale of the scenic spot is large with many types of the tourism resources. The planned area of the scenic area is 1,300 square kilometers. It is the regional scenic area integrating the rare karst lan... Read more>>
  • Jinlian Lake

    Jinlian Lake

    Jinlian Lake Scenic Area locates in the north of Shanglin County, Nanning City. It is a National 4A Class Scenic Area. Now it is a comprehensive scenic area integrated with rich Buddhist cultures and beautiful natural scenery. Jinlian Lake is a quiet and unique holy land of Buddhism surrounded by b... Read more>>
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