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Lhasa Attractions

  • Namtso Lake

    Namtso Lake

    Being the second largest saltwater lake in China only after Qinghai Lake, Namtso is the biggest lake throughout Tibet. Meanwhile, it is the highest altitude saltwater lake in the world. Read more>>
  • Everest Base Camp

    Everest Base Camp

    Climbing Mountain Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is a lifelong dream for many adventure travelers. Beginning with the early British expeditions in the 1920s, Everest has held a magical allure with its imposing snow caps and stunning panoramic views. Read more>>
  • Kumbum Stupa

    Kumbum Stupa

    The Kumbum Supa is the landmark of Gyantse, a town located to the southwest of Lhasa. Kumbum Stupa, capped with a gold dome, is one of the most distinctive temples in the world. It is an unusual architectural masterpiece with its nine levels rise in the manner of a step pyramid. Read more>>
  • Palkhor Chode Monastery

    Palkhor Chode Monastery

    The Palkhor Chode Monastery occupies an important place in Tibetan Buddhism history because different Buddism sects, like Gelugpa, Sakyapa, are compatible in this monastery.The monastery houses monks from the Gelugpa, Sakyapa and Kahdampa orders. Read more>>
  • Tibet Museum

    Tibet Museum

    The Tibet Museum was officially inaugurated in October of 1999, with a permanent collection that celebrates the History of Tibetan Culture. The design of the exhibit with traditional Tibetan architecture creates the atmosphere of authentic Tibetan art. Read more>>
  • Norbulingka


    Norbulingka Park is the largest and grandest garden in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with the highest gardening level artistic level. It borrowed the architectural style from the inland areas of China while maintaining and reflecting the local ethnic religious and natural features. Read more>>
  • Yamdroktso


    Yamdroksto is a holy lake located about 100 Km to the south-west of the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa. It is the third largest lake on the Tibetan Plateau and one of the most holy lakes in Tibet.This beautiful turquoise blue lake is situated at an altitude of 4,441 meters above sea level. Read more>>
  • Nechung Monastery

    Nechung Monastery

    Nechung Monastery has an important place in Tibetan history as the seat of Nechung, the state Oracle of Tibet. It’s located just below Drepung Monastery, four miles west of Lhasa. Nechung Monastery lies a couple of minutes' walk down the hill from Drepung Monastery and is worth visiting. Read more>>
  • Ganden Monastery

    Ganden Monastery

    Ganden Monastery is one of the earliest and largest Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, and stands atop of the six famous temples of Gelugpa - a branch of Tibetan Buddhism. Its significance as a religious, artistic, political and cultural relic led to it being preserved by the National Key Cultural Relic... Read more>>
  • Sera Monastery

    Sera Monastery

    Located at the foot of Taipu Hill, Sera Monastery is one of the three most famous monasteries in Lhasa. Nestled beneath the mountain, it consists of a Buddhist temple, sutra recitation hall and monastery, monastic house, and the famous Living Buddhas’ palace. Read more>>
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