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Everest Base Camp

Why is the Everest Base Camp special?

Climbing Mountain Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is a lifelong dream for many adventure travelers. Beginning with the early British expeditions in the 1920s, Everest has held a magical allure with its imposing snow caps and stunning panoramic views.



Everest Base Camp Highlights

The trek to the base of the highest mountain in the world allows you to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Tibetan Plateau, and walk to a very high altitude on good snow-free trails providing the best views of Everest from either the Tibet or Nepal side.

Everest National Park
The park is situated among rolling, vast green (in May-June) short-grass and boulder strewn valleys leading up to the base of the mountain. The environment is beautiful and stark, inhabited with wild birds and animals.

Upon reaching base camp, you trek towards the mountain, where the vegetation changes to become more alpine and rocky, with the mountain looming upwards and the best views of Mt. Everest possible from this altitude, either in Tibet or Nepal.

Plants in the park range from spruce, pine, a wide variety of evergreen trees, as well as cold belt grasslands. Many precious animals inhabit Tibet, such as antelope, deer, fox, gazelles, yaks, and many species of birds.

The Everest Region
The Everest or Khumbu region is justifiably the most famous of all trekking and mountain regions. Populated by Sherpas, the attractions of this area are the majestic mountains, the high mountain villages the isolated monasteries, and the local people.

Fascinating trekking
Everest exerts a pull like no other mountain and trekking to the base of Everest through the majesty of the high Himalaya delivers physical and mental reward like no other trek on Earth. The mountain scenery is simply spectacular and the physical challenge a reward in itself.

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