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Lhasa Travel Overview

Lhasa is a unique tourist destination. It is the amazing capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and the political, economic, cultural, transport and tourist centre of the Region. Located at an altitude of 3,650 meters above sea level, Lhasa is the highest city in the world, also the least polluted one.

Founded in 633AD under the leadership of King Songtsan Gampo, the city itself has become the “Mecca” of Tibet. Pilgrims crowd the year round. Many of them even knock head, stretching their whole body...
  • How to Arrange Your Lhasa Trip
  • Lhasa Travel Season Tips
    Best travel season Lhasa is located in Tibet plateau, which is known as roof of the world or third pole of the earth, with average altitude of 4950m above the sea. So, climate in Lhasa is dry and continental. The air in Lhasa is thin, and the temper...
  • Transportation in Lhasa Travel
    Airport Lhasa Gonggar Airport It is also known as the airway door to Tibet, and is target="_blank" title="Beijing">Beijing and Chengdu. Now, it has become the busiest airport in Tibet with advanced and well-equipped terminal facilities, connecting...
  • Lhasa Food
    Mashed Yak Meat Tibetan medicines are mysterious. Mashed yak meat is the mixture of some Tibetan medicines and mashed raw beef, blood red, pungent, and you will feel hot after eating it. It's said that Tibet is a place where time can stop, and peopl...
  • Lhasa Shopping Tips
    What to buy Tang-ga Tang-ga is a sort of scroll painting with the main theme of Buddhism. It has distinctive ethnic features, using complicated lines and bright colors. Some of the Tang-ga has many colorful and charming portraits of Buddhas, while...
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