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Sera Monastery

Located at the foot of Taipu Hill, Sera Monastery is one of the three most famous monasteries in Lhasa. Nestled beneath the mountain, it consists of Buddhist temple, sutra recitation hall and monastery, monastic house, and the famous Living Buddhas’ palace. The well-ordered architecture is in tune with its natural surroundings.


The monastery is made up of a tsokchen (Great Hall), three tratsangs (colleges that offer specialised studies) and thirty khangtsens (residential compounds with chapels reserved for monks coming from different areas of Tibet).


With several hundred monks currently in residence, one of the most interesting times to visit the monastery is in the afternoon when monks are debating in the courtyardafter finishing their morning scripture classes.


They debate Doctrines every day. It’s a discussion of Buddhism to share knowledge as well as a challenging debate and a battle of words and wits. They use all kinds of gestures in order to strengthen their argument. You will be deeply affected by the intense atmosphere.


Location: No.1 Sera Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa City

Transportation: Bus--No. 16, 24, 25, take off at Sera Monastery Station

Ticket: CNY 50

Opening hours: 9:00 to 16:00 (visitors are not allowed to enter at 16:00)

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