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Lhasa Travel Season Tips

Best travel season

Lhasa is located in Tibet plateau, which is known as roof of the world or third pole of the earth, with average altitude of 4950m above the sea. So, climate in Lhasa is dry and continental. The air in Lhasa is thin, and the temperature is comparatively low. The temperature differences between day and night during a single day can be large.


April to October is the best time to travel to Lhasa, and the peak season is from May to September. At that time, the climate here is warm and humid, not so dry and windy. Lhasa has a good reputation of “Sunlight City” with a long duration of sunshine all year round. To avoid being hurt by the strong ultraviolet lights in this high-altitude area, it is suggested that you take sunscreens and sunglasses. What's more, it is comparatively windy and dry here, a protective lipstick is also necessary.


Spring in Lhasa is dry and windy, so you need to pay attention to add water to your body and mineral water is a good choice. Generally the May Day Holiday is the beginning of the traveling season.


Summer is the rainy season of Lhasa. Different from other cities, it rains at night and sunny again in daytime. Lhasa enjoys a mild climate, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. The temperature in summer is generally from 10℃ to 20℃. But the ultraviolet radiation is so strong that you have to protect your skin well. The sunglasses, sunscreens, lip balm and hat should be brought. Early May and early October are the best times to visit Mt. Everest. Thanks to the clear weather, this period provides the best views of Mt. Everest.


Autumn in Lhasa is also dry and windy. It has been in gold color as autumn arrives. Most of trees have turned to yellow by the mild sunlight while those red maple leaves dress up the park as if the spring doesn’t go away.


Most people think of Lhasa as being extremely cold. In fact, winter in Lhasa is not that cold. Lhasa has a cool and dry climate with frosty winter. There are some features of winter in Lhasa: blue sky and bright sun, in particular. And it is the best season to see snow-capped mountains.

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