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Lhasa Attractions

  • Jokhang Temple

    Jokhang Temple

    Jokhang Temple is the first Buddhist temple in Tibet and it is also the Sacred Temple of all Tibetan Buddhists. All year-round many Tibetan Buddhists go on a pilgrimage to Lhasa, from all over Tibet and other provinces, and their destination is the Jokhang Temple. Read more>>
  • Drepung Monastery

    Drepung Monastery

    Founded in 1416, Drepung Monastery on the outskirts of Lhasa was once Tibet's largest and most influential monastery, with over 10,000 monks. Today, Drepung houses about 700 monks and attracts pilgrims and visitors from around the world. Read more>>
  • Barkhor Bazaar

    Barkhor Bazaar

    Barkhor Bazaar is the oldest street in Lhasa, as well as the most representative. It is a place full of religious atmosphere and a world of exotic articles. Traditional Tibetan houses and narrow lanes in and around the street whisper the stories of old Lhasa. Read more>>
  • Potala Palace

    Potala Palace

    Originally built in 640AD during the reign of King Songtsan Gampo, the Potala, the Sacred Place of Buddhism, rises in red, white, and gold splendor high above the city of Lhasa. Today the Potala Palace is a state museum, a popular tourist attraction, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more>>
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