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Kaifeng Attractions

  • Daxiangguo Temple

    Daxiangguo Temple

    The Daxiangguo Temple is a very well-known Buddhist temple in Kaifeng, Henan Province, China. The Temple has a long history and it is target="_blank" title="China">China and other countries. When you arrive there, you will be surprised at the magnificent architecture and the well-arranged layout o... Read more>>
  • Millennium City Park

    Millennium City Park

    Coming to the Millennium City Park to travel back to ancient China, you could witness the prosperity and appreciate local culture of Northern Song Dynasty in there. The Park is located in the northwest, the old city of Kaifeng. The Millennium City Park is a historical cultural theme park covering l... Read more>>
  • Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

    Memorial Temple of Lord Bao

    As its name shows, the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao is built to memorize Lord Bao Zheng, who firmly and bravely fought against corrupt officials and protected people from being exploited, therefore countless people could escape heavy bribes and make a living, so people established this building to c... Read more>>
  • Dragon Pavilion

    Dragon Pavilion

    The Dragon Pavilion is a very famous and crucial historical spot which was located in the northwest of Kaifeng. Kaifeng was the imperial capital of the Northern Song and Jin dynasties which possessed lots of historical constructions. Most of these constructions were disappeared but the Dragon Pavil... Read more>>
  • Iron Pagoda

    Iron Pagoda

    Standing on the northeast of Kaifeng, Iron Pagoda is a Buddhist Chinese pagoda which built in 1049 during the Song Dynasty of China. “Iron” in its name does not means the pagoda is made of iron, because the color of the pagoda is similar to the iron. The Iron Pagoda is a brick structure tower, a ... Read more>>
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